8 December 2022

Coolest Christmas Jumpers 2022

I realised that it's Christmas Jumper Day today, so it made sense to pay homage. Now an essential for festive season (alongside pyjamas and wobbly headbands) the amount of choice is mind boggling. No matter what you're into, you'll be able to find your obsession in sweater form to let the world know that you're cool and into cool things. Or if you aren't into expressing your geekiness through the medium of the jumper, then you can choose between a myriad of "normal" seasonal offerings - maybe adorned with gonks, puddings or nutcracker soldiers. I've done the rounds and I'm sharing the ones that have stood out. 

Beatles Jumper - Just Geek (£29.99)

Sharing this because I bought it last year and will never get sick of it! The jumper features the legendary Help! album cover graphics and is 100% knitted. It fits a bit on the small side so order the next size up. Other belters from Just Geek include Jaws, numerous Harry Potter versions and a Knight Rider jumper, which I didn't know I needed. 

Llama Christmas Jumper - Oasis (£27.50)

Animal lovers will enjoy this cute jumper, complete with Fair Isle knit and pom poms. It's been reduced from £55 to £27.50 but unfortunately only small sizes are left. 

Cocktail Jumper - Warehouse (£34.50)

I love Christmas Jumpers that can also be worn throughout the year, because it's like, thrifty. The red and green adornments make this festive but not over the top. 

I saw this and was like, morbid. But if you were a big fan of the Queen and wanted to pay tribute and avoid the typical garish red and green efforts, then this could be the jumper for you. The back says "Thank You For Everything Ma'am" and is adorned with a corgi in a Christmas hat. I know my friend who was obsessed with The Queen will appreciate this! 

Calling all feminists. Let's not support a patriarchal view of Christmas! Like God, who decided that it would Father Christmas? Men I assume. A great option for all fans of girl power. 

Christmas isn't an easy time for vegans. We are aware that millions of animals are being slaughtered daily purely to satisfy some traditions that started god knows when. If like me you refuse to partake in the mass killing of intelligent beings like turkeys, this Christmas jumper is a way to take a stand. 

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