28 November 2022

Christmas Homeware 2022 Picks

As someone who can't deal with anything remotely christmassy before December 1st, I have found myself softening. I have seen houses with trees in the window in the first week of November. My initial reaction - abject horror, but then I reminded myself that people have suffered and if it makes them happier to have decorations up earlier, why not? Shops with Christmas stock out the day after Halloween? Yep, my stomach turned and I tried to run for it, before I decided it was easier just to let it all wash over me. But all of the spirit must have filtered by osmosis into me as I feel a deep need to buy Christmas cushion covers and festive bed linen. I have never been overtaken by the need to buy a festive bath mat before, but I've decided I'm going with it! Here is a round up of the cutest festive homeware that I've come across for 2022. 

H&M Home

I love H&M's understated Christmas homeware this year - instead of too much red and green you can find beige and blue tree adorned cushion covers, and lots of blankets, bed covers and other items that you could use all year round. I love the snow globe cushion cover, the gingerbread espresso mugs , the Christmas tree decorations (loving the baguette but also the cheese, champagne bottle and ice cream.. There are a range of candles available - I loved the red plum version.

This eclectic, hip brand offers some seriously trendy festive household buys. Their tree decorations are iconic, and include Bowie, Queen Elizabeth II, Andy Warhol and Elton John (I just saw some embroidered Alice in Wonderland ones). Sweary stockings and doormats bring some naughtiness (be careful you're not on that list), wreaths and garlands add stylish greenery to proceedings. Gifts include F you slippers, some gorgeous candlesticks and I love the disco ball macrame hanging planter. They also have a pop up at Redbrick in Batley and a Covent Garden shop.


You can always rely on good old M&S to deliver with some cool Christmas stuff. This year I especially like the dog toys, in the shape of a packet of Percy Pigs, Colin the Caterpillar, and even a turkey sandwich pet toy. And the ultimate - a Percy Pig dog bed. Pet presents aside, baubles include the Seven Wonders of the World, a football kit (for if we win) and personalised baubles. They have some seriously festive bedding adorned with candy canes, nutcracker soldiers and a North Pole illustration. I would appreciate the cityscape light up candles, the Time For You gift set and any of the lovely hampers. 

The White Company

God, every time I walk in it's impossibly perfect and smells amazing, so why not capture some of that at home? They do especially good tableware, with champagne beaded place mats, scatter stars and even glass bell place card holders. I'm seeing so many fabulous napkin rings but I refuse to write a separate post on them. I also love all of the heart shaped bowls and dishes. An honourable mention for the candles and fragrance which are wonderfully packaged - scents include myrrh, Highland Escape and Fir Tree. Ah ok, they do Christmas trees too (pretty expensive though). I'll have to do a separate post on trees! 

Zara Home 

It's very rustic and traditional at Zara this year, so this is the place if that's your theme. Baubles and decorations appear homemade, the bedding is very understated and homely. There's a letters to Santa post box and a lovely sign for the North Pole which kids and adults alike will love. 

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