10 July 2014

Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Part 2

Here's more amazing creations. Let me know what you think!




I could have posted all 71 looks on here. Just stunning.

Baroque punk shock

Tongue in chic

Short suits

Couture thong sandals

Embroidered elegance = everything

Pregnant Princess Bride

Maison Martin Margiela (Artisanal)


The Lobster is reminiscent of Schiaparelli's surrealist fashion

Balloons as clothes - I Love You

Patchwork poetry

Face masks

The detail is stunning

Elie Saab

This was serious couture - I feel for those seamstresses' fingers (and the models)

Beautiful ballgowns in every colour

Pearly queens

First ombre hair  - now ombre gowns

Rose prints

Viktor & Rolf


It was very...red

Red carpet dresses - literally

Knee length couture

They already belong in a museum

Take a Bow guys

Part 3 tomorrow - Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier coming up!

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