21 December 2022

Cool Christmas Decorations 2022

This year I was pretty late to the party. Some houses around here have had the tree in the window since the beginning of November, but for me that's just odd but who am I to begrudge people trying to feel more positive via the magic of Christmas? Most of us haul out the same old decorations each year, maybe adding some new bits every year (I tend to just a new bauble on the run up to Christmas). Since I became obsessed with gonks my spending on decorations has increased. Traditional decorations will never go out of fashion, (please ditch the tinsel) but what about more modern ways to festively decorate? Here are some contemporary decorations I've come across when attempting to get my Christmas on this year! 

Ginger Ray Balloon Tree (was £19.99 now £10)

Sick of pine needles or the same old tired plastic tree? The only thing you need to worry about with this green, gold and white beauty is the cat/dog clawing it or kids popping the balloons, but if you have neither of those things this could be a good shout. The kit includes 100 balloons and a gold star for the top (a heavy angel isn't going to work here). Luckily no helium is required - just a big lung capacity or a balloon pump. At 1.8m tall, check that your ceiling is high enough. 

Lego Christmas Tree/Wreath (Tree - £39.99/Wreath - £34.99)

Why should it be the kids who only get Lego? It's is so great for stress relief and we're never too old to build and play. This is a two-in-one build - you can choose to build one larger tree or two small trees. A tall tree is 11 inches tall which will sit nicely on a windowsill or mantlepiece. You can decorate it with mini ornaments and candles and it sits on a decorative mat. The wreath kit includes bricks for the wreath and for four mini candles. 

Three Kings Tree Spiral Stakes (£14.99)

Put your candy cane stakes in the back garden and add some light to your front lawn or borders with these spiral stakes made up of 40 LED lights and topped as they should be by a star. Save all important electricity - they're battery powered with an auto timers of 6 hours on. They're 50 cm high and can also be used indoors. 

Neon Merry Sign - Dunelm £20

I love neon for every occasion, and this one is pretty and affordable and costs just 1p an hour to run. You can put it either outdoors or indoors (but keep the transformer indoors). It's half a metre wide and you will never get bored of it! A lot of neon decorations are pretty expensive, but you can find more affordable ones in John Lewis (reindeers, penguins and starts) for around £30, and a Ho Ho Ho sign from Neon Beach for £50. 

Bauble Garland - Argos £12.60

Bauble garlands are really versatile and can be placed on the table for Christmas dinner, along a mantlepiece, wrapped around a bannister or hung on a wall. This one is brightly coloured, two metres long and makes a real statement! 

I'll keep adding to this post as I discover new things, please comment if you have come across some cool decs!

Debbie x 

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