24 November 2022

Wellbeing Christmas Gifts For Women Under £100

After the past couple of years it's no surprise that many of us feel burnout out, traumatised and overwhelmed by all of the chaos going on in the world. Often we forget to spend money on wellbeing, choosing clothes or experiences over nurturing ourselves. Luckily Christmas is an opportunity to receive gifts that we might not think of buying for ourselves. And winter is the perfect time to cosy up and pamper yourself! Here are some of the wellbeing gifts I'll be asking for this festive season. 

Colour Changing Himlayan Salt Lamp

I had a salt lamp years ago but it broke, so have been on the look out for another one. Salt lamps are said to improve sleep, release negative ions to purify the air and can even reduce asthma and allergy symptoms. I love this colour changing one from TK Maxx which comes in two sizes, which adds a relaxing ambience to your room. 

Neom Wellbeing Diffuser Pod (£85)

This diffuser pod has been available for a while, but this is the new and improved upgrade. Neom oils are my go-to if I'm in immediate need of calming and my anxiety is through the roof. The base is now made of upcycled wood, a touch sensitive display and even a guided breathing mode. Choose the Christmas Wish oil (a heat mix of tonic bean, mandarin and cinnamon) or the new Cosy Night variety - sandalwood, frankincense and nutmeg. The scented candles are also guaranteed to impress. 

Trip CBD Set (£35)

I first tried Trip drinks a couple of weeks ago, and with just one can I was instantly relaxed. Trip was founded in 2019 by Liv and Dan. They got married a couple of years ago but Dan got injured before the wedding, and found that CBD oil really helped with sleep and pain. The CBD in Trip Oil and drinks is derived from hemp and are fully vegan. I started off with a six pack of drinks and a bottle of the stronger 1000mg oil (£35 rrp £74). You can also buy drinks and oils separately, and bigger bundles depending on your needs and budget. Drink flavours are Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger and Lemon Basil. There are two oil flavours - Orange Blossom and Wild Mint. Other sets include candles, socks or eye masks. 

Ban.do Wellbeing Journal (£23)

Often we only really stop and think about self care and wellbeing when we've become burnt out and ill. A wellbeing journal helps you to keep track of your emotions, actions and things like your cycle. I love ban.do's diaries so I naturally opted for their wellbeing journal, but there are plenty available - I also like Hearing Through Words by Rupi Kaur and The Artist's Way Morning Pages journal. The Ban.do one also has stickers which I cam never complain about! 

Tisserand Festive Essential Oil Set (£7.99 TK Maxx)

I love Tisserand - their aromatherapy oils are effective and affordable.  They always bring out new Christmas sets every year; this year the festive scented oils are perfect to help anyone to destress from all of the Christmas chaos. Seasonal Joy diffuser oil is a blend of orange. nutmeg and clove and you can also get a Winter Dream trio of oils packed with scents such as cedarwood,  clove and tangerine. The Sleep Better sets are a usual gift for those suffering with insomnia or other sleep issues. I also find the bags of bath salts really helpful for relaxation - this year there's Christmas Calm (geranium, orange and nutmeg).

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