24 May 2017


Let’s ride on the wave of hatred
First Trump, then Brexit 
People are idiots! Give them a vote! 
They’ll believe anything (especially if its on the side of a bus)
I don’t even need to debate! 
Just churn out xenophobia and scapegoats
Feed the machine
They’ll fund our champagne lifestyle,
As long as we keep them scared.
A fool-proof system,
Apart from the fact that it relies on fools to survive.
Undecided voters.
Get up. Propaganda for breakfast (TV news)
Lunch (daily paper)
Dinner (social media news)
Being constantly fed fear
As a (strong and) stable diet
Without even realising you’re on a diet 
Of lies and deceit.
We’ll make you work twice as hard (cuts)
And hurt the people you love (more cuts)
And you’ll still tick our box. 
Blame everybody but the bankers
Say austerity enough. 
They’ll pay for the fuck-ups of those at the top!
They’ll pay and they’ll pay and they’ll pay.
Then we’ll take their libraries and small pleasures
Beaten down for eight long years
Until there’s no fight left
We’ll rip apart this humanitarian opposition like dogs with a fox
Because he’s a threat to our system
Rigged for the few 
Paid for by the many 
We’ll do anything and everything possible
To hang on to power
We’ll reach new lows
And how we’ll laugh
If they fall for it all (again)
And forget that they can’t turn back time
Or bother to read the facts
After the event.

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