9 February 2016

I'm Freaking Out about Typical Freaks...

I love colourful, crazy out there clothes and wish more people would have rainbow wardrobes and not give a shit about looking like a multicoloured unicorn. One of my resolutions for 2016 is to build a wardrobe which suits my mind, which is generally kaleidoscopic and akin to a paint splattered Jackson Pollock canvas. I'm always on the lookout for clothes that hit me on an emotional level, and make my heart beat faster - usually a good indication is if I immediately want to blog about a brand because I'm so excited about it! This happened today when I came across Typical Freaks - that instant "I WANT IT IN MY WARDROBE" feeling and the deep desire to buy as many pieces as possible. Unfortunately most of their sample sale was sold out, but I made it my mission of the day to track down some avant-garde pieces.

The collaborative streetwear brand is based in London and is well known for its conceptual prints and fantastical hand made textiles. The design duo - Sonia Xiao and Seun Ade-Onojobi graduated from the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martin's respectively and present original and imaginative capsule collections which beg to be rocked at Fashion Weeks where you want to stand out and express your vibrant soul. 

Typical Freaks SS 2016 Collection
Signature pieces include sheer cropped sweaters adorned with pop art bright objects, intricately embroidered macs and rainbow raincoats, the brightest knee-high pop socks worn with platform pool slides (the latest collections were decorated with sea shells in keeping with the oceanic theme). Last season's collection featured tongue-in-cheek rosettes and canine prints. I'm in love with the cropped crustacean top and sea blue skirt above right and the mac in the middle below. These are clothes that you jump out of bed to get dressed for. Happiness inducers. Mood lifters and the fashion equivalents of anti-depressants. Check out more gorgeousness on their website here 
Typical Freaks AW 2015

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