16 November 2015

Ockham's Razor - Tipping Point at Dance City

Ockham’s Razor visited Dance City for the fourth time last night, wowing fans of their previous work and new admirers on their opening night. Symbolism played a large part in the daring aerial performance - the action was performed in the round, with audience members seated on the stage perilously close to the swinging poles which were central to the show. The five performers showcased their strength, creativity (they devised the show) and impressive circus skills individually and collectively, supporting each other as they balanced tight-rope like metres from the ground, pulled off gasp-inducing aerial see-saw balancing routines and took us on an enthralling journey via movement and sound. In the midst of the breath-taking beauty of the piece, there were cleverly intertwined light-hearted moments of humour. The level of trust between the performers was astounding, relying on each other’s precise timing and skill time and time again. The music, a metallic universe of sounds composed by Adem Ilham and Quinta accompanied by Hazel Mills’ live performance elevated the action to the next level. Telma Pinto’s amazing strength and Emily Nicholl’s balancing skills and sprightliness, combined with the acrobatic prowess of Nick Galzin, Steve Ryan and co-founder Alex Harvey will inspire audience members both young and old to give aerial a try. The creativity and boldness of Directors Tina Koch and Charlotte Mooney and producer Turtle Keys Arts certainly paid off, with onlookers visibly moved (the man sitting next to me was crying at the sheer beauty of it all). Poles apart from anything else I’ve seen all year.

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