9 July 2014

Paris Haute Couture Week Part 1

It's time for the fairytale  - it's Haute Couture Week. Let the beauty wash over you.

Atelier Versace

We know what to expect - in your face glamour, every time!

Fabulous Fifties


Show some leg

Corsets and crystals

Can you resist Duchess satin ballgowns? I can't!

Don't mess with Donatella

Christian Dior


The shapes!
Two toned boots

Raf Simons went time travelling through eight different eras

Flight suits and frock coats

Couture dresses mixed with everyday luxe

Beautiful materials, especially the silk jacquard




Elsa Schiaparelli was a creative, surrealist genius - read the Vogue book

BOLD silhouettes

Fantastic Stephen Jones hats

Eccentric elegance

Street creatures - rats, pigeons, animal print

Bleeding heart liberal

I need those pink trousers

Giambattista Valli



Sometimes the accessories are as important as the clothes

Feathery tulle wedding dresses

The striped and hologram shoes are divine

Elegance personified

Inspired by the Alhambra Gardens

Part 2 involves Chanel. Don't miss it.

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