21 January 2014

The Chanel Paint Pot Explosion

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Oh.My.God. It was AMAZING. I honestly don't know how he does it, I really don't. It was just a thing of real beauty.

My initial reaction to Chanel S/S 14 Ready to Wear. It was just so art. So out of left field. So creative. So colourful. So...

I'm posting my blog a little late as I've got a lot of shows to catch up on. Namely today's Chanel Haute Couture show. Trainers! Sorry, getting back to this. It was a thing of beauty even before the models walked out. Joining them on the catwalk was a Chanel No.5 robot, plantpot flowers, a giant pearl, a camelia, all referencing Chanel symbols. Mr Lagerfeld had certainly been a busy bee all summer creating and designing the original pieces, the likes of which the Grand Palais has never seen before. I loved how he referenced a paint chart from the 1900s and used the print to make beautiful summer dresses. I adored the giant pearl necklaces. The bags sent me into a spin - just gorgeous - spraypainted, stencilled, multicoloured with bright material twisted around the obligatory chains. <3

I need to take a breath after those bags. The footwear was a clever trompe l'oeil - heels and socks? Nope just leather and cotton boots. Amazing. The tweed suits were Pop Art, arms lopped off, capes, multi-coloured edging, mini skirts, midi skirts, pencil skirts - if you thought KL had run out of variations on the signature tweed you thought wrong. The magenta tweed with the black boots was particularly striking. Cropped tops with high waisted trousers in the tweed? Off the shoulder dresses? All here. He's outdone himself this time.

The accessories were street and cool - giant pearls, fingerless gloves, the beautiful bags (the lego brick bags!!!!!), the visored sunglasses, the boots. . The synergy of the space wigs, paint palette eye makeup and outfits is perfect alongside Jay-Z's Picasso Baby All ninety-ish looks are stunning. No wonder he looked so happy at the end.

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