25 January 2014

I want to live in Maison Kitsune

The first time I heard about Kitsune it was the music. Then I found out it wasn't just about the music (not to diss the music which you'll find is extremely cool). Maison Kitsune is about music, fashion and design (three of most peoples' favourite things, and mine). In 2002 the founders saw an opportunity to unite their passions and in turn came up with a unique concept which has been copied ever since. It's no surprise that the men behind the label were already well placed in such areas - Gildas Loaec was Daft Punk's artistic director and manager, bringing his musical knowledge and his partner Masaya Kuroki, an architect brought the design aspect and designs the clothes under the Kitsune label. They have stores in Paris, New York and Tokyo (2).


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They don't try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to the clothes, Masaya does his own takes on the classics, prioritising the quality of the material and paying particular attention to the sourcing. They have collaborated with many big French brands over the years, such as Petit Bateau and Pernod Absinthe, and recently with Monocle magazine on sunglasses. They have the Maison Kitsune label Homme and Femme, Parisien - caps, T shirts and sneakers and Kitsune Tee Homme et Femme (T-shirts, accessories) - you can access Kitsune compilations by entering a code on the T-shirt label on the website.


Their compilation albums are legendary and epitomise French cool, with achingly hip covers. At last count their were fourteen compilations. They also do city collections (New York, Paris and Tokyo - the location of their stores), A Christmas playlist and special editions.

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Kitsune products are sold at more than 150 outlets around the world, including Dover Street Market in London and Colette in Paris. Their latest projects are Kitsune cafes in Tokyo (which opened in February 2013) and Paris, opening this month, which sell the clothes, music and accessories. I can't wait to get back to Paris to check out the cafe.


cafe kitsune

cafe kitsune 2

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