25 January 2014

Chanel Printemps 14 Cosmetics launch

Pinks! I was content.

I told my colleague not to let me buy anything. Who was I trying to kid? They made that impossible!


Let's just be sure on this - pink is THE s/s colour. The hotter the better. Even pink eyes.

Products in order of excitement generated:

Sonic Pink lip pencil - normally I do not get exited over lip pencils. This is limited edition and worth getting into a slight sweat over. It's so soft. It glides. It is vivid. Of course I bought it. Use it over the whole of the mouth with a little balm. Contains Camomile and Vitamin E.

La Diva Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick. A new level of hot pink. Pretty in Pink? More like smoking hot. Long lasting and luminous - I think it's my favourite lipstick.

Illusion d'ombre - Diapason (purple) and Impulsion (pink). I love Illusion d'Ombre. I loved it when it was in a tube like a sparkly oil and water mix. It's even better in a little pot. I love its versatility and the ability to be extremely intense or soft depending on how much you use, and the option to use it as a shadow or a liner using the specially designed brush.

Ombres Contrast Duo - Rose Majeur.

The colours are similar to the Illusion d'Ombre above but more matte, and in the classic black laquered case for ease of use. The perfect mix of dark and light.

chanel make

Le Blush Creme in Chamade and Intonation.

This is stunning - matte and silky, the new spring shades create a natural blush hue and perfectly complements the pink eyes.

Le Vernis - Charivari and Tapage

Strong nails accentuate the feminine pinks of the face. I love how the nail varnishes are a nailcare product and protects - it's not just about the colour.

Quadrille Quadra Eye Shadow Palette

Includes a lavender grey, an intense brown, an apricot pink and a golden ivory.

chanel make2


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