2 April 2024

Edward Scissorhands @ Theatre Royal Newcastle

There's nothing like a Sir Matthew Bourne/New Adventures production to escape reality and be transported to a different world. This time it was the beloved fairytale gothic world of Edward Scissorhands, from the incredible imagination of Tim Burton and screenwriter Caroline Thompson.

Edward discovers his hairdressing skills

Magical moments from the much-loved movie were re-enacted so beautifully - Edward's amazing topiary creations magically come to life, Edward's creation of the angel ice sculpture of Kim (Winona Ryder's character) in the falling snow - I had full body goosebumps at these points. To be honest I could barely write anything during the show because I was so captivated by the movement and the emotion the dancers conveyed. Danny Elfman's haunting score alongside new music by Terry Davies captures the quirkiness of the timeless, suburban setting, Edward's childlike wonderment and the danger/threat as Edward becomes more intertwined with the other characters.

Ice Sculpture magic

The set created by Lez Brotherston was really beautifully done - the suburban white picket fence world of Hope Springs, the gothic mansion where Edward was created, his impressive topiaries, Kim's teenage bedroom - you are truly transported into the world in the film. The costumes (also by Brotherston) are exquisite -  I was blown away when the bushes started dancing and wondered how they could see through the headpieces! 

In the big ensemble scenes like Salon Edwardo, the Barbecue and the Annual Christmas Ball there are so many cast members involved and so many mini stories going on - it's a real treat for the eyes and senses.  Liam Mower is pretty much indistinguishable from Johnny Depp in terms of movement and perfectly capture his naivety and outsider energy. Kerry Biggin was mesmerising as Kim and Stephanie Billers was perfect as the predatory, seductive Joyce Monroe.

(Please be aware that this is a dance performance, I think the person behind me expected a play version of the film and didn't realise that there was no dialogue). 

The topiary come to life

Edward Scissorhands is at Newcastle Theatre Royal until April 6th 2024. Click here for tickets (tickets from £28).

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