13 May 2021

My love for Starlino...

I first came across Starlino a few months ago when a local deli was selling miniature bottles of the Rose Aperif. As a huge Aperol Spritz fan, I am always on the look out for new aperitivo cocktails to try and Starlino has fast become one of my firm favourites. 

We're all familiar with the classic Aperol Spritz which contains three parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol and a dash of soda water, finished with a slice of orange. The popular Negroni cocktail is concocted from a similar aperitif - Campari, alongside gin and red vermouth. 

Starlino Rosso, Rose and Arancione - £22 for 75cl

For me Starlino cocktails are right up there with these classics! Created at a Turin distillery by two Italian distillers with over twenty years experience of making Vermouths and Aperitifs, the range includes Rosso, Rose (my favourite) and Arancione (orange). They're all made from pink grapes and a wide range of botanicals - the Rosso Vermouth is aged in bourbon barrels for thirty days to add a spicy flavour. The Rose and Arancione have more of a fresh, natural flavour. All of them are 17% and 75cl. 

The website includes a wide range of cocktail ideas - some of my favourites include the Starlino Rose Spritz (Rose Starlino, Prosecco and Soda), the Starlino Negroni (Starlino Rosso, Campari and Gin) and the Arancione Tonic (just the orange one and tonic). 

I'm in love with the apothecary-style bottles and labels, which are inspired by 20th century Italian design and architecture (they look great on your bar or even as empties on a kitchen shelf). And they don't only do the aperitivos - I'm reluctant to tell you about the cherries because they seem to be more and more difficult to get hold of but YOU NEED THE CHERRIES! They are absolutely delicious (to the point where I get through a jar a week) - all natural Maraschino cherries matured in their natural juices for three weeks. I even have them in a Diet Coke or on ice cream and again the jar looks gorgeous in the kitchen (£9.99 per 400g jar).

Starlino Rose Spritz - the perfect summer drink

A great way to try the aperitivos before you invest in the larger bottles is to buy the miniature set (just £12 for three 10cl bottles). You can also buy gift sets with the large bottles and a swanky glass, a cherry gift set with two jars of cherries and a case of twelve miniatures for £44.99 (great for a garden party). The whole range make for great gifts for any cocktail aficionados and deserves a place on anyone's cocktail trolley or bar. 

The miniature gift set is just £12

Click here to check out the range on Amazon

Click here to visit the Hotel Starlino website for information on products and cocktail recipes. 

Enjoy responsibly! 

Debbie x

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