2 May 2021

Jesmond Beach Box - Newcastle

Typically I had not dressed for the weather. It's almost like I'm a newborn baby having to be taught the basics of how to walk. I was so excited to go out something like checking the weather didn't cross my mind. My mind was full of visions of deck chairs, sand, beach umbrellas, cocktails in pineapples and maybe palm trees (yes, I often forget I live in the north east of England). I was going to meet my friends at Jesmond Beach Box, an outdoor oasis not far from Jesmond Metro near the As You Like It restaurant (the people behind the Beach Box also own As You Like It and The Holy Hobo which reopen on May 17th). I was finally going to be FREE!!!!!!

With a large covered seated area close to the bar, bleachers dotted with huge floor cushions and an uncovered beach area in the middle, the capacity is pretty big but sitting on the bleachers (which have heaters thankfully) there was plenty of distance between us and the other parties, which was reassuring. Eight guest traders (which rotate with others) are dotted around the edges offering a wide variety of delicious street food and amazing cocktails. You can also find pub games such as darts, pool and shuffleboard. There's also a Beach Camp every Saturday and Sunday to keep the kids entertained.

When I saw the menu and twigged that you could order a giant inflatable unicorn filled with cheesy chips and dips I got pretty excited (unfortunately it was sold out). We ordered prosecco and opted for some filthy fries - the Ruby Murray (loaded with buttermilk chicken and Bahian curry mayo), Millionaire's Fries (loaded with rib, biscoff and smokey gravy mayo). Yes, they sprinkled crumbled Lotus biscuit over the chips and it came with a Lotus biscuit. My favourite was the Jamaican Me Sweat (loaded with spicy pulled pork, peppers, chilli cheese and banana ketchup). There are loads of lovely staff around to take your  drinks and food orders so you don't have to move much which is nice. 

Other food options available (click here to go to the site and click on each individual business for menus) include:

Saucy Burger - they offer interesting twists on classic burger recipes such as Cheeseburger Spring Rolls, a burger with the sprinkled biscuit stuff on it and a veggie burger named after Greta Thunberg.

Marley's - if you fancy Caribbean street food you can get Jerk Chicken Kebab, Burnt Sugar and Rum Pork Kebab and Pholourie (yellow pea fritters). 

Whole & Healthy - feeling virtuous? Order sushi, vegetable dumplings, curries and noodle salad

Dr. Feelgood - sharing platters including a charcuterie and cheese box, a bento box and a vegan platter

Fish Shack - cod bites, king prawns, curry spiced fish and masala fries, vegan banana blossom with masala fries 

Grillaz - short rib loaded fries, steak frites, rump steak and ribs, surf and turf

Hey! Sweet Thing - if you've got a sweet tooth you can get a Smores Sharing Box, cronuts, cheesecake, a biscoff bar dessert (what is it about biscoff)!!! and a variety of ice cream.

Don't even get me started on the drinks! At Fire & Flair you can partake in Tiki-inspired, amazingly named cocktails in both regular and festival sizes (Watermelon Sugar High, Southern Fairy and even a Zombie that's so strong you can only have two)! The sharing cocktails are insane, with a fruity cocktail in a giant dinosaur head (£150) and a huge Pornstar Martini in a Shark Head (£200). You can also get Pina Coladas in a pineapple, a Wiki Wiki in a watermelon and another one in a coconut. Screw the diet and get shots, slushies and shakes at Shakers (Aperol Slush anyone)? Head to Spritz Time for soda based cocktails and seltzer from White Claw. Wyne & Cheer offers an extensive wine menu and the necessary cheeseboard and craft beer fans can work their way through the menu at Crafty's. Sober up with coffees from Coastal Perk or a healthy smoothie. 

It's a good idea to book in advance as it obviously gets really busy (you can walk-in but space isn't guaranteed). It's free to book and it's possible to book if your party is larger but you would need to contact the venue. 

Overall I was really impressed and would love to come back on a night and try even more of the great food and cocktails! 

Click here to go to the Beach Box Website.

Click here to book!

Debbie x 

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