8 October 2020

The Vampire's Wife x H&M Collaboration

It's been a while since I've posted here, unfortunately Lockdown had an adverse affect on my creativity and motivation to write. I've just had a trip to Italy which has luckily got the creative juices flowing again (post to follow about that trip).

I normally only post when I see something that is exciting to me so when I saw an email about the new collaboration between Susie Cave's The Vampire's Wife label and H&M I knew I had to post about it. Then when I saw the collection (which is released on October 22nd) I knew what was going on my Christmas list. At first I thought that this collection was going to put a serious dent in my bank account, then I saw the prices and was amazed as it's really affordable! 

Susie set up the label in 2016, and the dreamy, Victorian style dresses were quickly embraced by celebrities and seen on many a red carpet. Known for their form fitting silhouettes, ruffles and pronounced shoulders, the gowns are sensual yet playful. 

What's great about this collection is that a lot of it is made from sustainably sourced materials, with mini and maxi dresses made from recycled nylon or polyester. Some of the jewellery is also made from recyclable materials too, so you can look great and help the environment.

The first thing that struck me was the jewellery - being into spiritual things I was immediately drawn to the eye and heart symbols on the rings, earrings, necklaces and the particularly gorgeous chunky charm bracelet, with ladybird, hearts and eye charms. It looks particularly good over the lace gloves (see below).

Vampire's Wife x H&M charm bracelet (£17.99)

Anyone that has dreamed of owning one of the stunning signature tiered dresses as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Sienna Miller and Margot Robbie can try their luck at grabbing this gorgeous lacy number, which wouldn't look out of place at a Halloween party. 

Black Lace dress £49.99 

I didn't realise that I needed a cape until I clapped eyes on this silver lace number with a velvet bow - perfect for those virtual Christmas parties (praying to at least be able to see a handful of people in person).
Silver Lace Cape £24.99

Make like the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsberg and rock a pair of lace gloves this winter. Fair enough, they won't keep you warm but who cares when you're looking this good?

Lace fingerless gloves £9.99

I've decided to get my ears pierced all the way up my ear between now and Christmas, so these hoops and stud charm earrings are high on my list. Ladybirds, hearts, eyes and lightening bolts are among the symbols depicted in the jewellery.

Multi hoop stud and charm earrings £9.99

I don't know about you but I refuse to put my sunglasses away until next year. Look stylish during the winter months with these 70s shaped specs which look great with all the clothes in this collection.

Square lens sunglasses £17.99

The collection is available online and in selected stores on October 22nd. It's sure to sell out quick so make sure the date's in your diary.

See the entire collection here 

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