14 October 2019

Psycho Path - The Biggest Halloween Event In The North

Running through woods being pursued by killer clowns or chainsaw-wielding psychopaths isn't exactly my idea of a good night out, but I thought I'd give it a go - 'try anything once' and all that. I was due to go with a friend who watches horror films for fun, so it was never going to bother him too much. I recently watched two episodes of The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and couldn't sleep by myself, so I wasn't exactly holding out much hope of enjoying my trip to Psycho Path last Thursday.

Just some of the lovely new friends to meet at Psycho Path 
The Psycho Path is hidden away in secluded woodland at Lintz Hall Farm, not that far from Newcastle (near Consett). I decided not to read too much of the press release in advance, to enhance the feeling of, well, fear. I was pleasantly surprised by the the Anarchy Arcade - a large tent filled with a variety of fantastic-smelling food trucks, including Hatch 76 (selling amazing duck wraps), Acropolis (delicious Greek food) and Middlesbrough's Parm-O-Rama for those of you that enjoy a parmo. You'll also find lots of arcade games if that's your cup of tea. There's also a very busy bar and circus performers, live music and magicians on hand to entertain the crowds (or lull them into a false sense of security before being loaded into a van and dumped into the woods).

Yep, when I was loaded into the van after having a fairly nice time with my friends I started to wonder what I was doing. I half-expected some awful ghoul to jump in the van but luckily that didn't happen. My memory of what actually happened out there isn't that great, partly because of the fear of being left alone in the woods (my wellies slowed me down a lot when my two male friends ran off and left me) and partly because I had really bad stomach ache. And also I don't want to give the game away too much! I remember having to go through an asylum area with extremely scary patients at one point, and a contaminated area with mutants was involved (Psycho City). And there were guys with chainsaws which I could have done without. 

Psycho Path - Fear Ground
Yeah, this was what I was worried about!
The Psycho Path definitely did the job (the screams ringing out through the woods confirmed that). My issue was that the scares were really in-your-face and it probably would have been more scary if there was more psychological stuff going on occasionally (I kind of found people jumping out at me funny towards the end). And there were parts when I was in the woods where being chased would have been really scary but it didn't happen. There was a section in the middle where lots of us were herded for fifteen minutes so any fear that had built up from the first section subsided by the time we got into the second section (maybe first night teething problems). It definitely got my blood pumping though and I would definitely do it again (hopefully minus the stomach ache)! 

(I didn't get the chance to go on the Fear Ground rides but the haunted house and waltzer looked really fun).

Psycho Path is open until 31st October - book tickets here 

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