18 January 2019

The Linda McCartney Retrospective - Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow

My Beatles obsession continues...So last year I visited the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow for the first time and I fell in love with it - the building is stunning, there's a wide range of amazing pieces (Dali's Christ of St John of the Cross, Grayson Perry pots, the vast pipe organ illuminated in purple, the Ancient Egypt section) - the place soothed the blow of being told my dog had terminal cancer (one of the best animal hospitals in the UK is in Glasgow). 

Linda McCartney exhibition
Exhibition poster
So when I found out that a retrospective of Linda McCartney's photographic work was coming to the museum in 2019 I didn't need much persuading to go back. I'm as interested to see her studies of everyday objects as portraits of musical legends, and have the upmost respect for her animal rights activism.

Self portrait (1992)
Curated by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney the retrospective features iconic musical moments from the 1960s as well as more intimate and emotional work, focussing on her love of nature and family life. Objects including her personal diary and cameras from her archive will also be on display alongside polaroids and contact sheets displaying a wide range of techniques. It's clear that her family are passionate about her work being accessible to a wider audience, and the fact that a lot of her images were taken in Scotland. "Scotland was one of her favourite places on earth, and so many images were taken there" remembers Stella.  

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney, Mary and Heather (1970)
"Through these images you meet the real mother I knew. You see her raw and deep talent and passion for her art, photography. Ahead of her time on every level this mother of four still held her camera close like a companion, she captures the world around her through her eyes and this can be seen on the walls around the exhibition. Her humour, her love of family and nature and her moments framed with a slight surreal edge... Enjoy her passion and compassion." - Stella McCartney

The Beatles
The Beatles by Linda
Realising that both Linda's and Yoko's careers were eclipsed by their husbands' and no walk in the park in the 60s and 70s, as a woman and a feminist I'm pleased that Linda's work is finally getting the recognition it deserves. These women were tortured in the press and by fans because of who they married, which overshadowed their own creativity in so many respects. Even writing this is inspiring me to get a new camera and explore more, and to go back to being fully veggie. 

The Linda McCartney Retrospective is at Kelvingrove Museum from Friday 5th July 2019 until Sunday 12th January 2020. £7 adults, £5 concessions (under 16s go free). 

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