26 August 2018

BFG Afternoon Tea/The BFG In Pictures - The Bowes Museum

Ask a group of people of any age what their favourite Roald Dahl book is and you're likely to get a range of different answers. Or maybe you can't decide. For me I remember being at my Grandma's house and raiding her cupboards to recreate George's Marvellous Medicine. Or listening to an audio version of Matilda with my sister shouting "two sevens are FOURTEEN" over and over again. Not to mention the first time I saw film adaption of The Witches (petrified).  I think The BFG holds a special place in most people's hearts. How could you not be affected and enthralled with a story involving an orphan, a lonely giant, Dream Jars, Whizpopping and Snozzcumbers. The language blew my mind as a kid. 

Indulge your inner child at The BFG in Pictures
Now I'm rediscovering the Dahl Universe through my nephews. When I saw that 'The BFG in Pictures' was coming to The Bowes Museum I knew that we would have to pay a visit. Ethan (who's four) has seen bits of the 2016 Spielberg BFG adaption (he was a bit scared of some parts). Obviously he loves Dream Jars and whizzpopping. When I realised that that the Bowes Cafe was doing a BFG Afternoon Tea I didn't need any more convincing. 

'The BFG in Pictures' is the first major touring exhibition of BFG artwork by Quentin Blake. Blake has personally selected forty pieces from his archive documenting his experience of working on the book, and you really get a sense of the creative process when walking around the exhibition. The fact that he has also written the commentary gives you a real insight into his collaboration with Dahl and his approach to illustration. 

The BFG in Pictures
Just some of Quentin Blake's glorious BFG illustrations
My nephew loved The BFG's cave where both kids and adults can make their own BFGs and Dream Jars, and display their work around the cave. There's also a fancy dress area (Ethan wouldn't have his photo taken with the ears on) and a comfy reading area where you can revisit the book.

Bowes Museum
Strawbunkles, snozzcumbers and Time-Twiddling Cheese
My Mum and I went for afternoon tea (we were lucky enough sit in a quieter room and not the busier main cafe). Afternoon Teas for Human Beans (£18.95 which is enough for two) involves four different types of sandwich and five pastries (if you can manage it by yourself I take my hat off to you).  Everything is aptly named with BFG vocab - sandwiches include Pastrami, Rocket and Snozzcumber, Whoopsy Whiffling Ham & Pease Pudding, Svollop Smoked Salmon & Crodscollop cream cheese wrap (my favourite) and Time-Twiddler Cheese & Chutney (two pieces of bread sandwiched together like a mini loaf). 

BFG Afternoon Tea
Adult (sorry Human Bean) afternoon tea menu 
After a short break we started on the pastries - Strawbunkle & Raspberry Tart, Lemon Phizz-Whizzing Meringue Hug (just wish it had popping candy in the lemon curd), Delumptious Caramel Choux Bun, (my favourite) Mango & Passion Fruit Bavarois and not forgetting the obligatory Glummy (yummy) Fruit Scone. It's well presented and exactly the right amount for two (apart from Mum couldn't eat her half of the scone). I just wish there had been more child-like touches to the adult version - a little girl at another table got the amazing Childers version (£8.95) which I will order for myself when I go back - chocolate milk, rainbow sweets, a sweetie Dream Jar and a fondant fancy were involved. (Some of us need to indulge our inner child). 

The Childers Afternoon Tea (£8.95)
The BFG in Pictures Exhibition is at Bowes Museum until 30th September. 

The BFG Inspired Afternoon Tea is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 30th September (booking is required).

*I received one Human Bean afternoon tea in exchange for a review

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