24 July 2018

Strawberry Spa Forever Package at Mineral House Spa

Modern life is stressful. There's no denying that. Even when you slow your life down and do a lot less, things can still get tough. Recently I have been dealing with family illnesses and caring for others, and I started to fall down the list of priorities. It can happen so easily, even if you work in the wellbeing industry. After a particularly stressful day, I made a list of the things that make me feel better. And surprise surprise, going to a spa was pretty high up there. 

One of my favourite places to go in Newcastle when I need some time out is the Mineral House Spa at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle. The minute I walk into the high-ceilinged foyer I start to breathe deeper. Normally I immediately head to the lifts, press LG and exit at the spa, where the stress starts to leave my body just by being there. Sitting in the relaxation area, reading a magazine and sipping strawberry/cucumber water is my happy place. 

The Strawberry Spa Forever package (naming your package after a Beatle's track makes it a winner already) start with the use of the spa facilities (pool, jacuzzi, steam room) for two hours, the choice of two 25 minute treatments (choose from Dreamy Legs, Sperience Back Massage, Salt & Oil Scrub, Taste of Germaine facial, Hopi Ear Candles or Baobab Scalp Massage) and if you're still coherent after so much pampering a glass of Pimms or Prosecco in Hawthorns Restaurant, accompanied by Strawberries and Cream. Even though Wimbledon's over, we don't need an excuse for that. The package is great value at just £59. 

The futuristic pool
I usually struggle to choose my treatments in this situation but I knew that my skin needed some pampering and my back had been bothering me, so I opted for the Taste of Germaine facial (using the exquisite Germaine de Capuccini range) and the Sperience Back Massage. I filled in my medical questionnaire, then armed with some travel magazines I installed myself on a sun lounger and started to really let go of a stressful week. I usually rotate through sun lounger, jacuzzi, then pool, then sauna a few times during the two hours and have some nice chats with other guest and this visit was no exception. I met a local photographer and a lady from Belfast. 

At about 4pm I went back to the relaxation area to meet Gabby, my therapist who escorted me to the therapy room and explained the treatments to me. Based on my birth year she had chosen an essential oil blend for my massage which smelled divine (citrussy and revitalising) and a more calming blend which would help me to sleep better. Based on the fact that due to the heat I was entering into full blown insomnia, I went for the lavender blend. My skin had started to get on the dry side with a slightly oily T-zone so she chose products that would help to rebalance the skin. 

Melt away your stress in the deeply relaxing jacuzzi
It's always quite difficult to remember what goes on after you get comfortable on the massage table (you can't exactly lie there with a pen and notebook in hand) but I'll try my best to describe the treatments. Gabby started with the back massage, which is based on traditional Chinese philosophy and related to the five elements. It rebalances the body and mind, improves wellbeing and has aromatherapy benefits. I asked for quite a firm massage and Gabby didn't disappoint. She used hot poultices and towels to create a completely relaxing experience, and the neck stretches really eased out the tension from sitting at a laptop a lot.

Both the ambience and the therapist send you to sleep...
I usually chat to the therapist the entire time but I was completely silent throughout this time, an indication of her skills and my relaxation level. The first thirty minutes seemed to stretch out into hours, and by the time I turned over for the facial I was pretty comatose. The Taste of Germaine facial is great if you've never tried the products before and is a great way to revive dehydrated or problem skin. Gabby removed any traces of make-up that were left after the pool with Options Make Up Remover, before using the Balancing Lotion and Purexpert Refiner Essence to deal with any excess oil. Dead skin was shown the back door by the Options Exfoliating Facial Scrub and I enjoyed a deeply relaxing facial massage before Intensive Multi-Correction Emulsion and No-Stress Hydration Cream were applied. She also applied an eye treatment and a lip treatment before gently bringing me back to the real world. All the therapist at the Mineral House are excellent at what they do, and Gabby was no exception. 

The delicious platter, strawberries and cream plus the all-important fizz
I reluctantly got dressed and headed up to the Hawthorns Restaurant for my glass of fizz and strawberries and cream (even though really I shouldn't have reapplied my makeup or be drinking alcohol but hey ho). I was greeted by the very cheerful and helpful Treva, an Aussie who I chatted to about my trip to Australia fifteen years ago and travelling in general (cue severe wanderlust). My fizz and fruit arrived, plus a surprise sharing platter which I didn't expect. The platter was delicious, which featured  tempura prawns, local Geordie artisan bread, olives and mozzeralla, deep-fried halloumi sticks, sub-blushed tomato butter and smoked sea salt. 

I reluctantly left, revived and restored, wishing I was staying for the weekend like the lady from Belfast that I met in the spa. Next time....

Find out more about the Mineral House spa and the treatments/packages available here 

Current spa promotions available (must be booked before October 31st 2018) include The Strawberry Spa Forever Package (£59), Game...Set...Midweek Spa (available Monday to Friday - £39 per person) and Pick and Mix (three treatments for the price of two). Find out more here 

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