18 July 2017

Local Artist's Colourful Kickstarter Campaign (Part 2)

I like to support North East creatives which is why I wrote about phase 1 of Hexham artist Matt Forster's Kickstarter campaign last month. He managed to reach his crowdfunding target for the documentation phase of his Colour Contrast project in just four days, confirming the popularity of his work and the uniqueness of the project (click here to watch the video).

Now that he has raised the money for his paintings to be photographed by a leading fine art photographer, the next stage aims to raise £2,500 to print 100 copies of his limited edition book. Including photographs of forty of his vibrant watercolour paintings created this year, the book will be around 48 pages long and will be both a 'feast for the eyes and mind.' Expected to retail at around £250, this stunning hand bound book is sure to be sought after by artists and collectors. Each book will be unique, as a small original painting will be included within each one. Six original paintings from this project have been exhibited so far in Kensington and Bloomsbury, with all being sold.

When you look at Matt's work, you'll quickly realise that he has a distinctive palette (as a result of   using only primary colours). In January this year he began to breakdown and reassemble his use of colour to understand it on a more subconscious level. How colour is perceived has intrigued and perplexed artists for centuries. The book will include a study of the various combinations that a simple 12 point colour wheel can create, as well as showing the evolution of his work on colour and collage, using squares and cubes as a central motif.

What about the rewards? By supporting this Kickstarter campaign, you'll receive limited edition work which can't be found anywhere else. The rewards (starting at £25 going up to £1,250) are a mix of original work and extremely limited edition prints (unique to this campaign and not normally available). You can buy one of Matt's original pieces for less than half of their normal gallery price (a great opportunity for collectors). You can reserve an original piece of work by emailing Matt at info@mjforster.com. Click here to view the rewards in full.

To find out more about Matt's work click here to visit his website.

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