24 February 2017

Shoplifter x & Other Stories Collab

Trawling the internet for colourful, wearable art earlier (as you do), I checked my go-to site for affordable quirky chic. A flash of a multi-coloured anorak appeared. My excitement rose, until I saw that said anorak of beauty had sold out. It's designed by Shoplifter, New York based visual artist from Iceland who's collection is playful, textured and surprisingly wearable.

Shoplifter (aka Hrafnhildur Arnardottir)
I love the T-shirt dress, sweater and leggings, which could all be paired with wardrobe staples to make a statement. Shoplifter has worked for several years exploring the use and symbolic nature of hair, and its visual and artistic potential. She sees hair as the ultimate self-created thread. Hair is an original, creative fiber, a way for people to distinguish themselves as individuals, and often an art form. 


The anorak, sweater, T-shirt dress and leggings of beauty (£69, £45, £39, £35 respectively).

I also like her playful smiley face pieces for the bi-annual 90s party I attend in London - these would go down a treat. (Tuft Call Dress £39, hat £25, bag £35).


Her crinkly silver and gold accessories (necklaces, earrings, cuffs, rings) provide a cool contrast to the colour of the clothes. 

You'll also find phone covers, scarves, T-shirts and leggings and cute furry brooches in the collection, available online and in certain stores, but move fast as certain items are already selling out. 

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