6 March 2016

Citroen has persuaded me to buy a DS3...because of Iris Apfel!!!

Since I parted ways with my beloved smart car four years ago I have been sans car. As I live in a city it hasn't really been a problem to be carless, I've got a lot fitter due to cycling and walking but I miss that tiny car! It was so fun to drive but not very practical if I wanted to pick up more than one friend.

I've been edging towards a Citroen for a while now, for the following reasons:

1) They're French. (I'm a Francophile so I like French things).
2) They have more than two seats.
3) You can customise it. 
4) My initials are DS

(As you can tell, I'm no car expert). 

What sealed the deal? Their latest advert. They've only gone and got 94 year old New York style icon Iris Apfel to be their new brand ambassador! The nonagenarian's driving around on a backdrop of kaleidoscopic graphics, rocking her trademark oversized glasses and basically saying screw the rules! After five seconds that was it. Iris starred in her eponymous documentary in 2014, which showed the world her iconic flamboyant style; she's been a stalwart on the New York fashion scene for decades. What struck me the most is her relentless enthusiasm for fashion, people and life in general - she epitomises the joy of doing what you love. 

The new DS3 captures of the spirit of the avant garde (another reason)  - the grille resembles a bird's spread wings. It has the latest lighting technology which makes driving at night safer and is environmentally friendly. You can put graphics on the roof and even choose stylish wheel trims. There are over 44 bodywork/roof combinations and nine roof stickers to choose from! What's not to like?

Check out the ad here 

I want these driving gloves!!!

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