29 January 2016

Stylish gifts for your Valentine - For Her

Before we know it, Saint Valentin and his mini cupids will be pinging their bows willy-nilly, unleashing the love in the most commercial of ways. Call me cynical, but I guess I am. Anyway, despite my relative annoyance at all things Valentine, like Christmas we still need to be clear on gift ideas so we don't receive awful kitsch teddies and other such crap. I've trawled the net for the most stylish and quirky gifts of the moment - avoid potential break ups by getting it right.

Dipthyque x Olympia Le-Tan 

My favourite accessories designer has teamed up with my favourite fragrance company to create this covetable range of products for the new Rosaviola fragrance. The packaging is gorgeous - rose coloured, with a hand stitched label and stamped with felt kisses, hearts and keys emojis. The scent is inspired by the contents of a woman's handbag and the smell of lipstick (powdery rose, violet and leather notes) - you really can't go wrong. The range includes perfumes, hand cream, candles, solid perfumes and scented ovals - better get it all to be on the safe side. Shop the range here 

Candle £44 (mini candle £28) , hand cream £20, solid perfume £30, roll on perfume £32
Bella Freud Candle

Fans of Bella's brand will love this candle, which gets the sentiment just right. It's heady tuberose, amber and sandalwood scent is guaranteed to create an ambient mood. It's hand poured and made from natural soy wax, and has a 40 hour burn time. Get it here

Bella Freud candle £40

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur

We all know that AP is the go-to brand for sexy underwear, and luckily its less expensive little sister L'Agent means that we can all enjoy quality lingerie. I noticed the Esthar range when it came out last year - strategically placed red embroidered hearts manage to stay flirty and not too kitsch. Get the range (bra, knickers and cute apron) at the Outnet for less.

L'Agent by Agent Provocateur - Esthar bra £25, knickers £13, apron £25

Anya Hindmarsh stickers

Why shell out loads for a bag when these covetable patches will customise and personalise her favourite one (I can't believe I'm saying this)! Keep with the theme with this leather heart patch sticker, which comes in a cool presentation box. You can also get her name in letters if you want to be extra cheesy (sorry, sweet). Get them here

Anya Hindmarsh Heart sticker/letter stickers  £40 each

Perfume - Comme des Garcons Play Red EDT

Unisex fragrances are a great idea for Valentine's (or maybe not depending on the person).  I love the bottle featuring the signature CDG heart motif. It's one of three scents in the limited edition Play perfume series and has complex floral notes. Just be sure to hide it from your other half. Get it here

Comme des Garcons Play Red Edition 100ml £70

Jewellery - Jennifer Meyer/Maria Francesca Pepe

I love Jennifer Meyer's gold pieces which combine classic and on trend statement pieces. The "Je t'aime" bracelet and ring and real Valentine's winners (they're also perfect for wedding gifts featuring "Mrs" and other nuptial related words). Get it here

For those looking for something a little less classic check out cult jewellery brand Maria Francesca Pepe for the latest in emoji chic and fantastic value in the sale! Get it here 

Top row Jennifer Meyer, bottom row Maria Francesca Pepe

Quirky gift alert - Aphrodisiac Jam!!

I thought I'd check out my favourite Parisian store Colette to see if they had anything a little different on offer and I was in luck! Confiture Parisienne have created an aphrodisiac jam, made from grapefruit, pomegranate, honey and chilli. A few spoons and you'll be ready for romance French style. Get it here 

I'll follow this up with a For Him post to keep things equal :) Happy Valentine's!!! 

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