19 September 2015

Day 2 London Fashion Week SS 2016

Are you ready for Day 2? Trying to pick a handful of shows out of the talent on offer today was a bit of a challenge, but I've done my best...

Simone Rocha

Simone’s collections have been hotly anticipated in recent years, and this one was no exception. We were immediately treated to lots of cross body action over delicate dresses. puffed sleeves and some pretty amazing embellished tights (how did she get them on)? and jelly shoes. There was plenty of sheer, with intricate lacing and an abundance of floral prints (the peach with white flowers was definitely stand out). Towards the central point of the collection there were some interesting pockets and folding going on, with lots of ties and shoulder bows. You might have blinked and missed the pedal pushers under some of the dresses towards the end. Some of the cross body embellishment reminded me of saddlebags, and with the oversized pockets there was definitely an element of utility in there. I was really taken by the olive green print on a couple of the dresses towards the end. Delicate functionality was the order of the day here. 

House of Holland 

I was transported back to school nature trails with this typically in your face collection by HH. It was all very outdoorsy, with khaki puffed gilets, animal print boots and belts and bug brooches which will send the bloggers into a frenzy. The boots featured what looked like reeds to give them even more of a pond life feel, set against a strong utility/military theme (key trend alert). The bug and leaf print in the middle section of the show was a clear winner for me. There were also a lot of stripes (it was nice to have simplicity in between all of those prints) and the last two dresses were sublime, multicoloured mini beasts on black netting. I want to buy a net and go looking for dragonflies!!! Thanks for taking me back to my childhood Henry! 

Gareth Pugh

I had to look at this collection a few times because the amazing faces distracted my attention from the clothes at first.  Models appeared to have entire new faces painted on to theirs, and stars in their eyes (complete with enlarged peepers). It was brilliantly disturbing. Red, white and black wigs were severe and punked, definitely some the most striking hair and make up work I’ve ever seen. Ok, I should really talk about the clothes. Bold diagonal stripes, bows, fringing and sequins aplenty, this was drag queen chic at its best. Crimson quickly shifted into cream, with fur and marabou and oddly appealing white tights. Then we got harlequins, black and white mad clowns and some classy oversized gold sequin touches before a show stopping back gown with red sequinned shorts. You couldn’t call it in any way commercial or wearable but who cares - he’s a showman and who wants to look normal? Beyond fierce. As per usual. 

J W Anderson

We were hit in the face immediately with underwear as outerwear, functional black bras standing out against milky skin. Small themes started to emerge, such as trousers tied above the ankle and the biggest puffed sleeves. Keith Haring like squiggles featured heavily, striking in black and white, and against peaches and cream. Some harem pants had alternating legs - one squiggled to the max and the other delicately adorned with turquoise curved lines. The lace knee length shorts offered up something delicate compared to the flounce of the sleeves and pants. Some almost sheer sportswear broke up the collection nicely, and we saw more cross body bags too (definite trend). But in the end this was all about the curls and loops.

Day 3 sees Jonathan Saunders, Topshop Unique, Vivienne Westwood Red Label and Mary Katrantzou hitting the catwalk. Don't miss it!

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