3 September 2014

Skinature Blogging Event (Newcastle)

Having only just got my diary sent back from Amsterdam (don’t ask), it was a tweet that reminded me that I had somewhere to be. Marketing agency We Are Sparkle were hosting a bloggers skincare event at their Newcastle Business Park office, and it had totally slipped my mind. Luckily, I hadn’t double-booked myself (for once) and realised I could walk their from work (even though it took about forty five minutes, but it was a good head clearing walk down the Quayside). Balloons attached to street signs reassured me I was on the right path when my Google Maps decided not to work, and I made it to the office on time.

Walking in, I noticed fellow North East bloggers (Rachel C Dailey, Amy Rebair and Tasha Steel) as well as Suzanne Whelan, Daisy Green writer and half of the Sparkle team. We all had our own name-tagged apple and luckily there were plenty of cupcakes (needed after a hard day). We had a little bit of time to mingle before Marva of Skinature did a presentation/demonstration for us. The products were displayed neatly at the side of the room, with water bowls and enough room to test everything.


Signs and welcome table

As a holistic therapist (and a skincare addict) I was interested in attending as I’m always on the lookout for natural skincare. Marva explained that the products were completely paraben/petroleum free and only contained natural herbs and ingredients.  Her passion for skincare came through from the start, and her knowledge was obvious, as she talked about other companies using fillers to bulk out the oils and other various nasties. Skinature are very selective when choosing suppliers to ensure the high quality of ingredients and the products.

One of the main benefits I noticed when trying the products on my skin was their non-greasy finish, and the research that goes into each product. The first products to be passed around were the wonderful Nurses Hand Cream (£10.99 for 50ml) and Honey & Rose Oil Gardeners Hand Cream (£9.99 for 50ml). Nurses contains orange oil, chamomile, eucalyptus and spearmint and keeps the hands highly moisturised and hydrated between washes. By protecting against bacterial, fungal and microbial infection and protecting against common allergic triggers such as latex and other hand washes, this product is perfect for people whose jobs bring them into contact with skin irritating nasties. The anti-bacterial honey and healing properties of the rose oil con tainted in the Gardeners cream means it a must for anyone with hard working hands.

The highly effective Skinature handcreams

I'm already a massive convert to the skincare. We went on to try one of my new favourite products, the Rose Geranium & Argan Oil Day Oil Therapy (21.99 for 30ml). I usually don't like using an oil on my face first thing, but this is so lightweight it sinks in really quickly and smells divine. It also has anti-ageing properties (needed at 34) and has left my skin looking and feeling rejuvenated after using it daily for a week. I'm also addicted to the Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Firming Serum (£34.99 for 30ml), you only need a tiny dot for each use (I use it at night) and after only a week I can feel that my skin is tighter and more hydrated. 


My new favorite skincare products

If you're looking for a new cleanser, look no further than the Jojoba and Vitamin E Cleanser (£17.99 for 120ml). The larger size means that it will last for ages and is excellent at removing every scrap of makeup whilst working on cell renewal so that skin is rejuvenated and revitalised. Anyone with sensitive skin who has tried everything will benefit from using the H20 and Essential Oil Toner £14.99 for 120ml), which contains high grade Lavender essential oil and is great for use on holiday as it cools and tones overheated skin. 

Anyone suffering from facial eczema or dermatitis needs to check out their Goat Milk Care. The Goat Milk contained in this revolutionary range is amazing for treating dry, flaking and irritable skin and helps to reduce rashes, redness and flare-ups. Skinature has combined Goat Milk with Camomile and Rose oils to create two cleansers (12.99 for 120ml)  and two soothers (moisturisers - £9.99 for 50ml). Both oils target impurities without stripping away moisture. All of Skinature's products are petroleum free, which minimises clogged pores and means that it penetrates the skin far easier than petroleum  based products.

Goat Milk Products

Another product that really stood out was the Jasmine Flower Bath & Body Oil (£24.99 for 100ml). It's visually stunning, with jasmine flower leaves suspended in oil in the transparent bottle. I can't wait to gently float away with the exotic and sweet smelling Jasmine scent filling up my bathroom. The oil has toning and circulation boosting properties as well as a highly beneficial effect on your mood! (There's also Lavender Seed and Rose Petal Bath & Body Oils to choose from). Use these in the bath or straight on to skin as a powerful moisture boost. 

The amazing Jasmine Bath & Body Oil
I could talk forever about the products, which also include mother and child products and one of the best insect repellants on the market, but my post would be too long. Don't take my word for it - check out these amazing products for yourself and don't forget to leave reviews on the website - natural skin care companies need to be supported!

The brand is working with clinician Kirsten Dhar, an acupuncture expert and natural scientist with a background in biomedical science and Chinese medicine on three product ranges - Goat Milk, Nurses Handcream and Mum-n-Tum Stretchmark Cream.

For more information on the company and the products go to www.skinature.co.uk

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