21 September 2014

Milan Fashion Week Round Up Part 2

I'm already picking up on key trends, with two posts left to go! Hopefully next year I will actually be in Milano to road test my Italian!

Giorgio Armani

With over eighty looks, no-one can accuse Armani of taking his foot of the gas. With two very different collections showing at Milan, there is no doubt as to this man's legend. The collection included snakeskin, animal print, a whole host of sheer and a clean palette of nudes/beige, white, grey and black with sand being a major theme. It was clean, it was beyond elegant and it was subtly beautiful. (My mind is now made up on buying the classic Armani skirt I saw recently). 


Well, from the sublime to the ridiculous. But wonderfully ridiculous. Following on from McDonalds and drinks/crisps being Jeremy Scott's main themes for AW 2014 collection, Barbie now takes her rightful place to be Moschinoed. Barbie roller-skated in, there was terry towelling, peace sign belts, out there Barbie couture outfits, denim, sequins, headscarves, organza overload. I think back to my Benetton Barbie years ago and wish I had the vision to do this. Only JS could do it at Moschino and nowhere else, Franco's legacy lives on and the world is a better place for it.


I love turbans and wish that they were more a part of everyday fashion (I'm getting sick of my dry shampoo). The bring an elegance to a look and accentuate the face. I'm also obsessed with multicoloured belted kimono coats and sheer skirts, all of which featured in the Missoni show. It all felt slightly Oriental, and was the perfect example of a summer wardrobe. Somewhere with the best sunsets.


SS 2015 Versace is paired down and more straightforward, but none of the rock out attitude has been lost in Donatella's latest collection. There was colour blocking, lots of cocktail dresses and something called crystal mesh, making everything look glittery and fab. My favourite look was the restyled signature Medusa symbol (above) which manages to be totally modern and in no way kitsch. There were plenty of great prints, ring motifs and a glittering finale, with plenty of cropped tops and mini skirts to get pulses racing. A pleasant surprise.

Bottega Veneta

God, I wish I could go to my ballet barre class clad in BV. The activewear scattered through this extremely elegant collection totally raised the bar (pardon the pun). The neutrals were breathtaking, with this top (bottom right above) being a perfect example of a collection that wouldn't look out of place on Audrey. Gingham had an overhaul with utterly wearable dresses and coats that ticked all the right boxes. A triumph.

Part 3 sees Roberto Cavalli, Jil Sander, Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and the epitome of Italian creativity - Dolce & Gabbana.

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