4 July 2014

Menswear SS 2015 Paris Part 3

Last instalment before Haute Couture fashion fans!
Dior Homme



I would wear it all

I need that bag

Art trainers - just spill your paint over everthing and draw lines

Graffiti roses


Classic vs Bohemia

"In troubled times like ours, we must maintain these traditions, which are our luxury and the flower of our civilization." - Dior

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Surf's up

Polynesian prints

Tiki diki

Tie dye

Colour block

Festival chic - raincoats, shorts, walking shoes


One of the most wearable collections I've seen this season

Wear your suit pants with more casual pieces

Suits looks good with sleeves (I mean the tattoos)

Accessorise - belts over suit trousers, neck chains over shirts, skinny ties

Double T shirt it

Cut your sleeves off

Decadent macs

Silk bombers

Paul Smith


Silky smooth

Botanical - ferns

Work those scarves

Fringe benefits

Pajama party

Pop goes the weasel

Saint Laurent


Psych Rock. Apparently.

That's what I call Slim-line (bad joke)


Snakeskin boots

Soldier boy jackets

Wear if you're going to a festival in the desert

I wasn't convinced...Sorry Hedi

That's the boys all done - next stop the beauty of Paris Haute Couture!!!

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