26 June 2014

London Collections: Men

I'm no menswear expert but hopefully that will change in time...

Astrid Andersson



Cropped tops?



Japanese influences

Sumo aprons

You're a brave man to tackle this in the UK

J. W Anderson



Side ties

Cropped cable knitted tops?


Bias cut tops

Carpet tops = art

Dropped pockets

Alexander McQueen

Squiggles and colour swirls

Black and red - kabuki

Long belted coats

Frock coats

Just wear culottes

THAT is a statement suit

Bead work on suits = sublime


We knew what was coming...

Smiley pies

Denim emblems

All about the Benjamins $$$$$


It's bloody ludicrous but why not?

The thing is, people will wear it!

Mesh and chains and cycling shorts

Tom Ford


God, it's just always so SLEEK

Jeans and jackets

Do you see a suit? Only one!

Best Western

Sportswear luxe

The suede is just too damn beautiful

Christopher Kane

It has the most pics because I liked it the most

Kneepads on suit trousers

Graphic trousers

I love the ankle grazers

Beautiful tailoring

He takes the line apart

Lime time

Graphic colours under a suit  = such a good look

Ended on a high note - next stop MILANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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