10 June 2014

Chanel bags lurk in shopping centre...

Well, this isn't exactly true. They're in Fenwicks window in intu Eldon Square, in the heart of Newcastle. And I should have blogged about this weeks ago when they were sent their first batch. (I must have been suffering from temporary insanity).

I stumbled across this beauty when I was innocently wandering around the Vivienne Westwood concession (there
was nothing innocent about it, really). It's a cosmetics purse but I reckon I could use it as an evening bag. And price wise it's nowhere near as much as the more classic handbags.


Then the nice lady in the department kindly escorted me to the motherload, a window outside the store boasting five vintage beauties (most of them around the usual £2,500 mark). She told me they had been sent to a leather spa before being put on display. I've heard it all now. I can just imagine them bickering about which one is the classiest whilst being pampered :)


Despite seeing the big guns, my heart is with the little black cosmetic bag. Don't you dare go and buy it ;)

1 comment:

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