1 May 2014

Pradasphere @ Harrods


It was certainly good to hear about an exciting collaborative venture between London's epicentre of retail and Italy's finest fashion house (well, D & G have taken a bit of a bashing recently, so...), especially on a rainy day at the beginning of May.

Top on my list for my next capital visit is the Pradasphere, a uniquely envisaged treasure chest of all things Prada, It's twenty five years since Miuccia Prada took the creative helm of the company, and how things have changed from the misogynist beginnings of the Milanese leather goods purveyor (her dad Mario did not believe that women should have a role in business).

prada prada4

Anyone looking for a chronological exhibition will be disappointed, think more along the lines of themes and a Victorian inspired "curiosity box" feel. Prada's long history of womenswear, accessories and luggage are displayed alongside quirky historical artefacts, long forgotten Prada objects and pivotal books.

Curated by long time Prada collaborator Michael Rock, the exhibition is a multidisciplinary approach to the world of the label, encompassing art, architecture, cinema and sports influences. Curved glass cabinets feature a dozen outfits for each theme - Continentalism (historical decorations), Femasculinity (clothes crossing genders), Modernity (minimalism), Figuration (loud), Animality (skins) and Excessivity (think OTT) present a taxonomy of objects that Darwin himself would be proud of.


Short films by Wes Anderson and Roman Polanski are also showing in an adjoining screening room, alongside a cafe serving up authentic Milanese fare. An on site pop up selling a capsule collection inspired by historical Prada designs will excite and tempt die-hard fans, who are in for a real treat when they visit this unique fashion wonder emporium.

Pradasphere at Harrods May 2nd - May 29th 2014.

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