15 May 2014

Paul Mitchell event at Gary Hedley salon - introducing NeuroIntelligent Styling


I love it when you just go with the flow and don't plan things. I hadn't planned to go to a hair event last night, I knew that it was happening at Gary Hedley salon on Mosley Street in Newcastle, but because I was at the Northumbria Uni Graduate Fashion Show, I thought I'd missed it. Walking in the rain on my way to the train station, my hair flat to my head, feeling distinctly the opposite of the fabulousness I had just witnessed at the show I luckily walked past the salon.


The Mosley Street salon is very contemporary with a laid back feel; the stylists seem knowledgeable and edgy - a perfect combination. GH opened their first salon nearly twenty years ago in Eldon Gardens and enjoyed great success, leading to more salons in Newcastle and the North East - the Mosley Street salon hosting the event opened in 2010, along with another salon at Burnopfield. In 2013 a salon was opened in Scotch Corner at the Active Life Health Club (in the Holiday Inn). The brand continues to go from strength to strength, now boasting sixty staff and over six hundred customers per week.


Peering inside Mosley Street salon, I happily realised that the bloggers event was still happening - the salon was a flurry of activity with stylists, guests and hair guinea pigs mingling and well, styling. The event was to promote the new Paul Mitchell intelligent styling range  - Neuro. I was made to feel like a celebrity by the Paul Mitchell team and the stylist, ushered to my chair, handed a glass of Prosecco and a plate full of sushi to polish off while he worked his magic on my already frizzy bob.  Sarah Young from Paul Mitchell HQ talked me through the new styling tools, which drew lots of ooohs and aaaahs from me (I'm a sucker for good graphics and aesthetics).

The new range is impressive both aesthetically and technologically - you can see the craftmanship that has gone into creating the range. Apparently it's all about the Smartsense microchip found in each tool (there are five in the range) - this thing is so clever it checks the temperature fifty times per second - no chance of any overheat! All products come with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.


I was in the market for new straighteners and was very pleased to find out that the NeuroSmo0th iron is £89.99, more affordable than its rivals. It has 1.25 inch plates and boasts titanium iron barrels to ensure an even heat. It goes without saying that they heat up in the blink of an eye (it reaches 230 degrees in 30 seconds). Obviously you use it to straighten, but you can also do flips and waves. Another amazing feature is the customisable auto shut-off, no more worrying that you're going to burn the house down. Set the timer for however long it normally takes you to straighten your hair and it doesn't matter if you get distracted!


My hair was transformed into a mass of cool curls by the NeuroUnclipped 0.75" cone (£64.95),  which creates ringlets and spirals. For looser curls, try the NeuroUnclipped 1.25"  inch cone (also £64.95)  for bigger curls. If you're a fan of the beach wave look, use NeuroUnclipped 1" rod (£64.95). The styling rods all have auto shut-off and temperature regulation.

neuro5 neuro4

If you're more a curling iron fan, the Neurocurl 1" spring curling iron creates old school glamour waves and curls, with a strong clamp which grips the hair, giving more control and a smooth finish.

I was naturally drawn to the dryer, as mine is god knows how old and the smell coming from it isn't too great. The Neurodry hairdryer(£99.95) is so clever, it lets you know when to change the filter, which means it'll keep going for longer. It dries quicker than other dryers - the powerful motor takes care of that. Tourmaline ions mean that the dreaded frizz is a thing of the past. I really like the silicone collapsible diffuser and the soft touch coating.


The new products are equally impressive -  Stay Strong (£16.50 for 360 ml) is an express dry strong hold hairspray which is resistant to pesky humidity and dries on contact leaving a smooth hold. There's also their revolutionary new waterless shampoo, Dry Wash ( £18.95 for 252ml) (other dry shampoos look out) which is fantastic at absorbing excess oil, especially at the root and is great if you colour your hair - use this in the first few weeks as an alternative  to washing occasionally to maintain your colour. Both come in a handy 50ml handbag size for only less than a tenner each.

My only complaint was that I hadn't stumbled across the salon before the fashion show, I felt happier about my hair than I had in ages and look forward to a fuss free and glamorous home styling experience with my new Paul Mitchell tools and products.




www.paul-mitchell.co.uk/#2 - neuro video

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