10 April 2014

Kurt - King of Style...20 years on...


Right now everywhere we turn there's a documentary on Kurt, and news regarding the circumstances surrounding his death is hitting headlines everyday. The 20th anniversary of his untimely death firmly places him and Nirvana back in the spotlight, - Nevermind still sounds fresh. I can't remember emulating his dress sense back then, but I certainly do now. The check layering going on on the catwalks is perfect for spring, with rolled up shirt sleeves and skirts with a variety of hemlines.


Most fashion mags this month feature ripped jeans with patchwork - Kurt was rocking this look with his Converse two decades ago. He was a big fan of the classic Breton striped top  - this will never go out of style and is also doing the fashion rounds. I think I might have seen logo and art print T-shirts around that he rocked this year as well :) Expect to see both the girls and the boys emulating his look and discovering his awesome talent...

check1     check2  breton   Singer Kurt Cobain Smoking Cigarette


jeans    glasses         220px-Firma_de_Kurt_Cobain.svg

kurt1         kurt2    nirvana

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