9 August 2013

My Top 10 Summer wellbeing tips


How to stay stress free for less this summer – although it is easier in the heat!

  1. Buy a swingball for the garden – good exercise and does away with the need to find a tennis court.
  2. Go to your local playground – the one I found in London last week had this spinny silver dish thing that went really fast and a really big slide. It was cool.
  3. Rent a bike – get on a bike and ideally pedal along a river. I recommend the Seine. But any river will do. Look at the trees and butterflies. One of the best stress reducers around.
  4. Picnic by the river – OK, I’m obsessed with rivers. Pack wine, cheese and meats (or not if you’re veggie) and arrange to meet your mates near the river. Bring music. Have fun. On your own terms.
  5. Camping – if you get kicked out of your flat – you don’t need to worry about finding somewhere else until mid September if the heatwave lasts. Get a teepee and go put it up somewhere beautiful. Then do no’s 3 and 4 above. For a month.
  6. Make your winter clothes into summer clothes – cut the sleeves off your denim jacket to make a cute gilet. Cut the legs off your jeans to make shorts. Worry about warmer clothing when it gets cold.
  7. Watch films outside – go to one of those outdoor film screening. Take 4 above. Ideally do it in 3D. Jurassic Park is good.
  8. Make perfume – pretend you’re five again and pick roses, put them in water and then strain it to make scented water.
  9. Have a disco in your garage. Who says you can’t do it as a grown up. OK, there’s a little less space but at least you can have your own playlist.
  10. Go to music in the park or a play in the park. Cultural pursuits are good and don’t have to break the bank. Watching a band on a bandstand with a 4 above or a bit of Shakespeare is good for the soul.

Have a great summer and don’t spoil it by worrying :) 

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